Saturday, October 27, 2007

Neocons, Progressives, and Globalists, Oh My

When the neocons in the Bush Administration need foreign policy advice, to whom do they turn? Why Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, of course.

In advance of her Middle East peace conference, Secretary of the Reichstag (oops, I mean State) Rice is seeking advice from globalists like Clinton and Kissinger, UN wonks Carter and Albright, and a host of other career dips- oops, I meant diplomats.

You can bet anything Condi says to Bubba goes right to Hillary... Bush has to keep her in the loop, since he's counting on the continuation of the Bush/Clinton monarchy after the 2008 elections.

This all makes perfect sense- whether Neocon or Progressive, the goal is the same- the elimination of national sovereignty, replaced by global government under the control of the elite.

The NWO of Bush I is alive and well.

You can read the story at Yahoo News.

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